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Only The Lonely: The Roy Orbison Story

Produced by: Bill Kenwright
Associate Producer: John Miller
Devised and written by: Shirlie Roden and John Miller

Nominated for an Olivier Award; Best New Musical 1995

‘A feel-good production for any generation of rock fan’

Blackpool Gazette

Roy Orbison, ‘that most melancholy minstrel of the vinyl idols’, died of a heart attack in 1988. He had had a sudden resurgence of popularity, following 20 years in the musical wilderness of cabaret clubs. Not only had he topped the charts with the Travelling Wiburys, but at the time of his death, his new solo album Mystery Girl, was on the verge of doing the same thing.

The show follows his life, through success and failure. A life dogged by tragedy. First his wife was killed while they were motorcycling together, and then two of his three sons died in a fire at his home whilst he was away on tour. Through it all he picked himself up, set off around the world and did what he knew best; he sang.

His legacy is an impressive catalogue of hit songs and the memory of his mesmerising voice.

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