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‘There is no doubt that the storytelling projects we have undertaken with you has impacted on our practice, provision and children’s learning outcomes. Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you – Ofsted Outstanding School 2017
Usha Dhorajiwla –  Head Teacher

Danyah Miller is an expert storyteller. But what does that have to do with you?

Well, as it turns out…….. absolutely everything! From catching up with friends over dinner, teaching literacy or persuading colleagues to accept your new scheme, storytelling plays a vital role throughout our lives.

Danyah is a passionate advocate of this powerful communication tool.

‘Spending that weekend with you all is one of the best things I’ve done in ages.  Am hungry for more! Thank you Danyah, what magic you work, you’re absolutely remarkable.’
Susan – Storytelling Workshop Participant

Danyah is an associate teacher at The International School of Storytelling and works in universities, colleges, theatres, schools and children’s centres across the country. She also mentors on a one to one basis. Danyah believes that when teachers are empowered to find their own storytelling voice they can have a huge positive impact upon children’s imaginations, language development, concentration, listening skills, team-work, reading and writing etc.

Really great workshop. So pleased that you were willing to listen to what we were interested in and then willing to respond to that and have the space to talk about our questions
Participant on Almeida Theatre Projects Storytelling course


Workshops vary in length from two hours to full weeks.

If you are drawn to developing your storytelling skills book on one of Danyah’s courses listed in What’s On or contact us to create your own.

Read Danyah’s Top Ten Storytelling Tips with Children published in the Guardian in October 2014.

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