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What is it about ‘Women’?

Wizard Presents ‘Perfectly Imperfect Women’  ‘It’s a great title’ I’m told over and again about our latest show ‘Perfectly Imperfect Women’, which is currently playing…

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Papering Over….

I love venturing up to Edinburgh Fringe each year, whether as punter, producer or performer and one of the things that I get very…

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Are You A ‘Shushing’ Teacher?

I have huge admiration for teachers in general, particularly because they do some of the most important, emotionally and mentally demanding, work in the…

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September rehearsals….

WHY THE WHALES CAME by MICHAEL MORPURGO It’s September, I can hear the birds singing as I walk the dogs, taste the sharp burst…

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April 2016 Wizard Newsletter

Happy April to you! I’m thrilled to officially announce our next one-woman show ‘Why the Whales Came’ an enchanting tale by Michael Morpurgo, which…

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Why Storytelling?

It is one of the most ancient of art forms and a unique form of human expression. Children and teenagers who grow up with…

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Can we have too many stories?

I believe that stories are like meals, so whilst sharing stories is thrilling and they feed and nourish us deeply, too many ‘main’ meals…

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